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5 Stars! (C.Boorse) Exerpt: "Wonderful beginner book - ...easy to understand with a hysterical sense of humor."

4 Stars! (R.Jacques) Exerpt: "If you want to learn more about design and scripting in FMP, then buy this book."

4 Stars! (Carol) "Excellent book for beginning FileMaker projects and beyond"

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Timothy Trimble is a professional, award winning, freelance writer, and software developer with an established presence in the computer industry. He has authored technology books for Microsoft Press, Wiley Publications, and articles for various significant trade publications. He has extensive experience in software & database design and development (since 1982), with SQL, C/C++, FileMaker, Java, VB and Pascal. He is very active as a professional FileMaker Pro software developer, and is a subscriber to the FileMaker Technical Network

His experience with FileMaker Pro projects includes integration with QuickBooks, and PHP interfacing for the web - with real-world applications in CRM, distribution management, courier management, media and authoring systems, contract management systems, law enforcement, and sales reporting systems.

His list of satisfied customers includes Whirlpool Corporation, Inc., Apple Inc., Volvo Automotive, Baxter Healthcare, TierraVision Inc., ACT!, Orlando Regional Hospitals, Symbol Technologies, Miami Secret Service, Oklahoma City P.D., US Generating Co., Oceanside Unified School District, Claxton Bakery, Indy Stealth, and many others.

Timothy Trimble can be contacted via email at:

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Be sure to check out the Blog - The ART of Software Development. Here are some responses to the articles:

"I just completed an "agenda" for a large FileMaker project for a client in Portland, OR.
I relied a great deal on you excellent "Art of Software Development blog."
I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your efforts. It is much appreciated." Anthony S. Roberts, Portland, OR

"Excellent post. Your outline of topics to add to a Specifications Document is very complete and well organized." Neil Watzman

Support files for "FileMaker Pro Design & Scripting for Dummies":

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File Description
Dicey Start Chapter 3: Dicey demo
Dicey Completed Chapter 3: Completed dicey demo
Formatting Start Chapter 3: Formatting demo
Formatting Completed Chapter 3: Completed Formatting demo
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 3: HeyLookAtMe! demo
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 3: Completed by end of chapter.
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 5: Starting
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 5: Completed
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 6: Starting
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 6: Completed
Products Chapter 6: Products demo
Products Chapter 6: Products completed
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 8: Starting
HeyNeighbor Chapter 8: Start
HeyNeighbor Chapter 8: HeyNeighbor completed
FormMover Chapter 8: FormMover demo
ShipMover Chapter 8: ShipMover demo
HeyLookAtMe Chapter 10: Starting
CoolStuff Chapter 13: CoolStuff
TechResearch Chapter 13: TechRelearch Notes demo
CoolStuff Movie Chapter 13: The movie file used by the CoolStuff demo.

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